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Roads and Highways

TRANSPORT PLANNING AND TRAFFIC ENGINEERING: Transportation planning and engineering play a vital role in systematic development or expansion of any road network both in rural and urban environments. It deals with identification and evaluation of various traffic related factors in order to streamline and manage the traffic flow so that the maintenance agency may operate its available transportation network at the optimum level. Transportation planning department at ECIL undertakes a variety of tasks related to traffic engineering, transportation planning & transport modeling. The department works in close coordination with highway design and surveying & mapping departments under transportation engineering division in ECIL that are closely related to the scope of services offered under this department. Transportation planning department has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have undertaken wide range of important assignments in Pakistan and abroad. Transport professionals join the Architectural, Structural and Electrical / Mechanical teams at ECIL to fulfill all requirements related to the Project.




  • Corridor studies
  • Large area traffic forecasts
  • Capacity analysis
  • Highway and traffic safety studies
  • Pedestrian facilities study and design
  • Traffic signal design and optimization
  • Traffic management and circulation design
  • Speed/classification studies
  • Traffic counts and roadside interviews
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Pavement marking/signing
  • Maintenance of traffic plans
  • Transportation planning
  • Transit planning
  • Mass transit studies
  • Environmental assessment
  • Parking garage planning / design and construction management




The department was established in 1976 when EC undertook its first assignment in highway design. Since then, the department has expanded considerably and currently serves as the backbone in providing coordinated multi-disciplinary, end-to-end services to its clients both locally and globally. The department is capable of undertaking projects requiring feasibility studies, route alignment studies, and preliminary and detailed engineering design of new projects. The department also caters to provide rehabilitation facilities of existing roads and highways. This includes; supporting the construction supervision teams during execution of the projects which are related to the development of motorways, national and provincial highways, farm-to-market and rural access roads and urban streets. ECIL has earned the confidence of its clients by providing dedicated professional services.

Recognizing the importance of state-of-the-art technology, ECIL undertook a major decision in 1990 by revamping the entire design procedures and switching the same from manual to 100% computerized design from surveying to the production of construction drawings. By doing so, ECIL became the FIRST consultant in the entire South-East Asia which successfully made the switch over. This decision provided ECIL professionals with the opportunity to place more emphasis on design optimization rather than number crunching, thereby developing more economical and functional designs for their clients. The design tools such as MX ROAD are being effectively and efficiently used by ECIL professionals in developing new designs or in the designing of rehabilitation works. In addition to this, several in-house software products have been developed to facilitate the designers.




  • Route/alignment studies
  • Analysis of survey data
  • Triangulation and digital terrain modeling
  • Geometric design of roadways, interchanges
  • Design of at-grade intersections, flyovers, viaducts and tunnels
  • Design of study cross sectional elements
  • Design of rehabilitation works as a result of overlay, reconstruction, widening and drainage