ECIL Services

Economic Feasibility

ECIL has a vast experience to conduct economic, financial & socio-economic analysis of the feasibility study of any project. Economic, financial, socio-economic analysis of any feasibility study plays a vital role for the development of projection and its true spirit. Without these analyses, executive agencies always remain uncertain regarding its viability & outcome. ECIL has a vast capability to carry out these analyses of any type of project of any sector of economy i.e. road development, manufacturing, services & Infrastructure Development sector, etc.

Economic, Financial & Socio-Economic Department at ECIL undertakes a variety of task related to projects belong to road / transport, manufacturing, services, Infrastructure Development & Power sectors. This department always works in close coordination & liaison with other department of ECIL like, Infrastructure Division, Transport Division, Architecture & Planning Division, Power Division, etc. This Department comprising experts related to Transport Economics, Economist, Finance, Investment & Socio-Economic field. ECIL’s experts which are providing these services have a vast experience and highly qualified from Pakistan & aboard. These professionals have undertaken wide range of important assignments in Pakistan & abroad.


  •     Social sector survey
  •     Preparation of investment proposition & document
  •     Socio-economic impact assessment study / survey
  •     Economic analysis of road / transport related project using HDM
  •     Benefit analysis
  •     Transport demand forecast using econometric model
  •     Techo-financial analysis
  •     Bankable financial & economic analysis of the feasibility
  •     Financial international rate of return
  •     Calculation of financial charges
  •     Mean & mode of financing of the project
  •     Calculation of economic ratios
  •     Calculation of payback period.
  •     Calculation of break even analysis
  •     Calculation of financial ratios
  •     Calculation of vehicle operating cost & time saving cost
  •     Calculation of economic rate of return of the project
  •     Preparation of complete & comprehensive project document