Digital Mapping of Dhe Chore, Malir District, Sindh

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Malir Karachi
Start Date:
September 1994
Completion Date:
December 1994

Project Description

Government of Sindh formed the fifth administrative district in Karachi with the name "Malir District" and planned to establish the Secretariat Office there and for that purpose an area was selected on the left bank of Malir River, parallel to Super Highway (N-5). The other access to the proposed site for new Secretariat Offices is from the National Highway (N-35). Approximately 20 kms from Karachi, is the site of Steel Mills and after crossing the Steel Mills, the road leading Super Highway (N-5) can be found. Along the road there are various villages one of which is called Chohar. The new secretariat has been proposed to be located in this village and its adjoining areas, the total area surveyed for this purpose was 14000 Acres.



Modern Survey Equipment including GPS, Total Stations & Digital Data loggers were used to do the job. Field work consisted of:

  • Fixing horizontal, vertical controls, and for vertical controls an accuracy of 1:10,000 was adopted

  • Horizontal controls (travel stations were fixed with the help of GPS with a permissible accuracy of minimum 1:10,000)

  • Topographical details were recorded in a 1:1,000 scale with 0.5m contour interval

  • Digital Map at 1:4000 scale with 2m contour interval was also prepared. Hard copies of drawings were prepared with the help of MOSS on a scale of 1:1,000 & 1:4000

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) was formed not only to plot topography, but also X section & L section