Topographic Survey for Preparation of a Viable Implementation Plan for Revitalization of Karachi Circular Railway

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Start Date:
November 2001
Completion Date:
July 2002

Project Description

Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) was built and put under operation by Pakistan Railway (PR) in the year 1964 with the newly constructed track between Drigh Road Station and Karachi city via Wazir Mansion. This system served as a transport reroute to commuters, but gradually deteriorated due to its persistence losses in operation and finally lost its utility and became a burden on PR.

The objectives of the study are:

  • To prepare short / medium and long term strategies / viable options of the revitalization of KCR fully integrating the road transport

  • To assess the present travel pattern and traffic volume along major urban corridors

  • To utilize the available KCR right-of-way (Row)

  • To develop a mass transport system with minimum relocation & economical cost

  • To eliminate the existing level crossing and increase the train speed & frequency

  • To evaluate and recommend terms and conditions that can attract private sector for the KCR and to study and identify viable BOT financing

  • To study priority viable mass transit corridors, out of the KMTS network to serve other areas of Karachi

  • To carry out Preliminary Engineering Design and prepare PC-I for revitalization of KCR



  • Reconnaissance Survey

  • Topographic Survey

  • Traffic Studies

  • Soil Investigations

  • Material Survey & Testing

  • Architectural & Structural design

  • Hydrology & Drainage Study

  • Cost & Economic Analysis

  • Financial Study

  • Project Management & Organizational Setup