PCN Testing at Al Maktoum International Airport (Runway, Taxiways, Aprons - Pavement Evaluation)

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Jebel Ali, Dubai
Start Date:
August 2009
Completion Date:
November 2009

Project Description

Engineering Consultants International Limited (ECIL) was appointed to determine the airfield pavement rating in terms of PCN.  In order to simulate the aircraft load at the Runway and associated Taxiways non-destructive deflection testing was carried out using Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer equipment. Testing at the Runway and Taxiways was conducted considering the nose gear and landing gears of various modern aircrafts which are in operation these days. In addition to determining the PCN of rigid part of the pavement joint quality was also assessed and the pavement rating system was established in compliance to the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

Subsequent to the testing, the response of the pavement to the applied impulse load was determined by carrying out the back calculation using a mechanistic empirical approach after creating the layered elastic model. 



ECIL provided the following services to the client:

Non-Destructive Testing:

  1. Detailed visual condition survey to establish PCI (Pavement Condition Index)

  2. Non-Destructive Testing using Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer (HFWD) Kuab 240

  3. Analyse and Evaluate the Deflection Data


ECIL conducted the detailed testing/analysis and have utilized all the available information (soil and pavement data) for the determination of PCN of Runway and Taxiways. The report comprised of the detailed elaboration on the adopted method and exhausted procedures which have been undertaken in establishing the airfields pavement rating.