PMO Housing Complex at Taxila (721 Acres)

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
November 1995
Completion Date:
May 1996

Project Description

The project was spread over an area of 625 acres. A land use plan was developed and master plan of the entire area was prepared.

The categories of different housing i.e. officers and staff apartments were laid out. The responsibility included; design of Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Water Supply System, Sewerage Disposal and Treatment plant, and electrical layout and planning.

  • Detailed Topo Survey, Preparation of Detailed Land Use Plan

  • Detailed Master Plan

  • Demarcation of Plan

  • Detailed DESIGN of Water Supply System, Sewerage Disposal and Treatment Plant and Electrical Layout and Planning



  • Planning & Designing

  • Structural Designing & Engineering Services, including Electrical and Mechanical Services

  • Specifications & Tender Documents

  • Project Supervision during Execution

  • Investigations & Special Research Problems

  • Project Coordination as a Principal Consultant