Site Development of Wadi Ghol and Construction of Wadi Protection for the Residential Areas of Al Hamra Region, Oman

Name of associated firm :
Engineering Consultants International (Pvt.) Ltd, Middle East / Scientific Ink Engineering Consultancy / Scientific Ink Engineering Consultancy, Oman
Project Location within Country:
Al Hamra Region
Start Date:
January 2009
Completion Date:
March 2010

Project Description

Wadi Ghol is located near the village of Ghol which is situated around 182 km in the southern flank of the Oman Mountains to the west of Nizwa. Another wadi which is called Wadi Nakhal cuts deep into the southern flank of the Oman Mountains near Jabal Shams, its highest point, and this spectacular gorge is known as Arabia's Grand Canyon Wadi Ghol follows the foot of the mountains and was in the past the main connection to Dhahirah via a pass known as 'Akabat al Barak (from Ghol to Sint)'. 

On the way to the ghol village there also exists a Wadi Ghol recharge dam, which was built, in order to avoid and stop floodwater from washing into Al Hamra and to allow water to be stored and drain down into the wadi bed to replenish the groundwater.

The primary objective of the project includes the study of the turbulent nature of the Wadi Ghol and the flood flows into it. Based upon the study this option has been proposed for the protection of the residential area against the impact of torrents, flood and storm water carried by the Wadi Ghol.



ECIL is providing the following Services to the Client 

  • Environment Impact Assessment Study

  • Hydrological Study

  • Design of Wadi Protection based on the revelation of the Hydrological Study

  • Design of Roads including Intersections, Roundabouts and Road Furniture

  • Design Sewerage Collection and Disposal Network

  • Design of Storm Water Drainage

  • Preparation of Tender Documents