Assessment and Improvement of the Existing Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water Drainage and Road Network System of Phase IV and V, DHA

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
DHA, Karachi – Pakistan
Start Date:
January 2004
Completion Date:
February 2005

Project Description

The Consultancy Services were awarded to ECIL by Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority (DHA) for comprehensive Assessment, Design and Improvement of the Existing Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water Drainage and Road/Streets in DHA. The Services involve survey / investigation, tests and collection of all pertinent data necessary to develop a scientific model of infrastructure design on GIS platform.

The respective datasets of water supply, sewerage, drainage, road pavement and traffic were developed as GIS layers and integrated with Engineering Models to develop a state of the art consumer based modelling environment.  The analysis was facilitated and enhanced using GIS techniques such as Dynamic Segmentation, Proximity Analysis, Spatial Analysis and Network Modelling.



  • Approved Project Boundary with Road Network for Phase IV

  • Topographic Contours of Phase IV and V DHA

  • Existing Water Supply System for phase IV (Based on Data Provided by DHA)

  • Water Supply System, Pit Investigation Survey for Phase IV

  • Improvements in the Existing Water Supply System for Phase IV

  • Proposed Water Supply System (Based on Projected Demand)

  • Existing Sewerage System Manhole to Manhole Survey

  • Existing Sewer Lines with Improper Gradients

  • Proposed Sewerage System Layout Plan

  • Existing and Proposed Storm Water Drainage System

  • Existing Pavement Condition Ratings with Proposed Rehabilitation Strategies

  • Historic Traffic Accident Data for Phase IV