GIS to Facilitate the Investors for Mineral Exploration in NWFP and Deployment of Website

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
NWFP Province
Start Date:
August 2005
Completion Date:
December 2008

Project Description


  1. Development of integrated GIS-RS aided Geo-Database on minerals in the province using state of the art software and tools

  2. Development of marketing tools

  3. Deployment of website for dissemination/sale of mineral data

  4. Preparation of GIS layers coverage on ArcInfo and development of attribute of all leases

  5. Advice on specification of the software and hardware for the system



  • Designing of database for GIS development, front-end GIS, data processing, including satellite image processing and generating vector data

  • Preparation of GIS coverage for each mineral lease

  • Deployment of website and information services to facilitate the investors for mineral exploration and mining in N.W.F.P