Election Information System Based on MIS/GIS

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Start Date:
January 16, 1997
Completion Date:
February 04, 1997

Project Description

The project of Election Information System (EIS), was sponsored by UNDP. ECIL performed its services and utilized its resources to produce the information system. It includes designing of a database for the Election Commission of Pakistan, which will provide relevant information about constituencies of National assembly and Provincial assembly seats, voters as a sub category of Male/Female, Muslim/Non Muslim, Polling Booths. The system can also perform a district to constituency analysis and many such functions.

The EIS is designed to use ArcVIEW as the format end and can be integrated to as external RDBMS.

The basic aim of this project is to provide first-hand relevant information to the concerned persons, with different types of queries. The project is an open architecture and can be expanded.



All the districts of Pakistan in all provinces and FATA etc. areas, National and Provincial Assembly constituencies were digitized in ArcCAD Version 12.0. The digitized boundaries were imported into Arc/Info 3.4.2 and all the overshoot and undershoot errors were removed. Then Provincial Districts, National and Provincial Assembly boundaries were delineated. Normalized the Data, Evaluated existing data and were built and cleaned. The data then were normalized, evaluated, and detailed database design was developed.

Prepared the themes, namely:

  • National Assembly

  • Provincial Assembly

  • Districts

Produced these themes in ArcView 2.1 and attached the database and made it available in ArcVIEW project format.