Human Resource Solutions, including Digital Data Base

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
January 2001
Completion Date:
June 2001

Project Description


Human Resource Management System (HR-2000)

  1. Recruitment Module
    - Update Experience and Qualification Screens so that user can enter data according to Management needs and requirements
    - Enhance Search features
    - Create Human Resource Identification Form for applicants

  2. Employee Module
    - Update the Employee Leaves Screen and add Late Leave and Leave Balance Features in Employee Leave Screen
    - Add new features in the Employee module so that user can enter Employee’s Library and Assets related information

  3. Make new module so that Ex- employees can be Re-Hired.

  4. Training Module
    - Enhance Course Scheduling Screen according to the ISO 9000 Requirements
    - Update all Reports according to the ISO 9000 requirements.

  5. Create new reports and enhance previously developed reports


Pay Management System (Pay-2000)

  1. Make changes in One Time Allowance behaviour

  2. Designed Tax process so that Tax can be computed accordingly

  3. Make changes in these reports 
    - Payroll Register
    - Bank Payment Voucher 
    - Allowance and Deduction Register 
    - Bank Instruction 
    - Cash Payment List 
    - Monthly Allowance Report 
    - Monthly EOBI Contribution 
    - Monthly Overtime Report 
    - Monthly Tax Deduction Report 
    - Section Wise Overtime Summary 
    - SESSI schedule for the Monthly Report

  4. Create new reports
    - Monthly One time Allowance Report