Provincial Forest Resource Inventory (PFRI) Project, Digital Mapping in EØØ format for Developing GIS

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
July 1997
Completion Date:
November 1997

Project Description

The Government of NWFP awarded the project to GAF, A German Consultant. GAF sub-letted the digital mapping assignment to ECIL for NWFP Forest Resources. The salient features of the digitizing work of the project are as follows:

  1. Digital Mapping of NWFP project area, the whole NWFP Province

    The assignment includes preparing seen less map at the scale 1:50,000 from satellite imageries, metalled & unmetalled roads, settlement points, ground control points (GCP), rivers, lakes, dams and all administrative boundaries like international boundary, provincial boundaries, division, district and subdivision boundaries and making a seamless mosaic of all Vectorized maps from satellite imageries.

  2. Conversion of all digital maps in Arc/Info EØØ format extracting coverages.



ECIL provided the following services to the client:

  • Extraction of vector coverages from satellite data at a capture scale of 1:50,000

  • Production of seamless mosaic of all digitized maps

  • Conversion of all digitized maps into ArcInfo EØØ format