Pilot Project (Abbottabad)

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
May 1997
Completion Date:
July 1997

Project Description

Digitized a part of the City of Abbottabad as a pilot project and prepared the GIS of the following digitized features namely:

  • Broken Land

  • Well, Tube-Well & Pumping Station

  • Water Course

  • Electric Pole

  • Sewerage

  • Properties Parcels (Houses)

  • Nullah

  • Highways

  • Main Power Line

  • Metalled Road

  • Grid

  • Un-metalled Road

  • Cantonment Boundaries



All the above services were provided by ECIL from its in-house resources.

  • Digitized the map of Abbottabad in ArcCAD Version 12.0

  • Import the data in Arc/Info Version 3.4.2, cleaning the data, normalizing. Then build and clean all the above mentioned themes for overlays

  • Used ArcView 2.1 as front end queries