Al-Yasmen Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Start Date:
March 11, 1998
Completion Date:
January 30, 2000

Project Description

It is a 300 bedded general hospital with day surgery facilities. The hospital building consists of 2 basements, ground plus four floors, having covered area 31000 sq. meters. The hospital shall have a separate car-parking building having 12000 sq. meters.



ECIL is providing the following services.

Preliminary, detailed planning, design and detailed construction supervision of the following services:

1. Architecture:

The spaces, programmed and planned for various departments such as:






Kidney Dialysis


Maternity Homes




Dentistry Department

Radiology Department

Laundry & Kitchen



Surgical Departments

In-house Pharmacy

Operation Theatres

Intensive Care Units,

Beds for Patients including VIP suits

Orthopedics Department

VIP Outpatient Deptt, VIP Suits Nursing

ENT department


Allied Utilities

2. Structure:

The structure of the building is a framed structure with columns spaced at 4x4 or 4x8 m grids. All the slabs of the main building are ribbed type with hollow blocks are filled between the ribs to give the ceiling appearance of Flat Plate.

3. Electrical Systems provided in the hospital building:

  • Internal and External illumination system

  • Nurse Call System

  • Fire Alarm system

  • C.C T.V system

  • Public Address system

  • Telephone system

  • MATV system

  • Computer system

  • Exit and Escape Way lighting system

  • Small power outlets

  • Main H.T, L.T and Distribution Panels

  • Transformers

  • Lightning Protection system

  • Grounding system

  • Standby Diesel Generator set

4. Interior layouts, Material Schedules, Colour Schemes, Interior Planter layout, Furniture and Portioning layout

5. Medical Furniture layout

6. Hard and soft landscaping

7. Kitchen and Laundry equipment layout

8. Medical Gases

9. Waste Water Treatment Plant

10. HVAC system, the entire building has been centrally air conditioned except garbage, technical area, kitchen and car-parking. The areas which are not air-conditioned, have been provided with ventilation system

11. Plumbing:

  • Water Supply System

  • Sewerage System

  • Storm Water Drainage

12. Fire Fighting System

  • The Fire Fighting System provided comprises of sprinkler system and fire hydrants and portable fire extinguishers