Development of Information Technology (IT) Park

Name of associated firm :
M/s. AJ Khan Law Associates - M/s. Bridge Factor (Pvt.) Ltd. - M/s. Wilbur Smith Associates (Advisor)
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
January 2007
Completion Date:

Project Description

The concept of creating a physical hub for the IT industry is not very recent; there have been concepts of IT village and Silicon Valley. Same goes for Pakistan as well; in the very early years of IT boom in Pakistan, PSEB had initiated the process of establishing such infrastructure across the country.

PSEB has recently acquired 13.6 acres (65,824 sq. yards) of land at Chak Shahzad, National Park Area, Islamabad and plans to develop a state of the art IT Park on this site. The IT Park shall provide facilities such as high speed internet connectivity with satellite backup, provision of 24 hour electricity and air conditioning facility, appropriate and flexible office space, shuttle services for employees, common areas such as restaurants, health club and conference rooms installed with video conferencing facility and hardware retail shops. The IT Park would serve as a hub of IT business; it would create an enabling environment and a community that delivers high end services to the domestic as well as international markets. PSEB plans to develop the IT Park as quickly as possible while adhering to legal, quality and other requirements.




  • Define the financial transaction structure

  • Define the special purpose vehicle and draft Terms of Reference

  • Develop Financial Models / Business Plan / identify and recommend Funding mechanism- such as BOT, Debt Financing, Government Funding etc. Perform risk analysis

  • Commissioning & Monitoring


  • Define the management architecture of IT Park

  • Formation & Operation of the special purpose vehicle

  • Draft the policies, procedures, rules & regulations for management of IT Park

  • Prepare and conclude concession agreements

  • Provide advisory role on contracts between PSEB and other stakeholders

  • Negotiations with developers

  • Perform due diligence of the project


  • Conduct detailed feasibility studies (Environmental impact assessment, Social and Traffic impact, etc.) and provide a conceptual strategic development plan. Perform entire requirement analysis based on capacity utilization of the park.

  • Develop detailed technical plan for development, such as site analysis, soil investigation, master plan, and infrastructure plan, cost estimations, set detailed standards for design, construction, supervision and quality control.

  • Prepare performance indicators and parameters for construction and maintenance of the Park.

  • Perform construction supervision and quality control.

  • Prepare a presentable business proposal/document for the IT Park project, ensuring that the project is marketable and economically, financially, commercially, technically, environmentally and socially viable.

  • Prepare the request for proposal (RFP) documentation for the selection of the Development firm/consortium.

  • Help identify potential developers and market the project for maximum response.

  • Develop selection criteria and perform in the evaluation of bids.

  • Help PSEB in negotiations with the development firms.