Primary Education Programme for Peshawar Division, NWFP

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Peshawar Division of the province of NWFP
Start Date:
January 1996
Completion Date:
June 2002

Project Description

Since 1996, ECIL has been involved in the province and have provided following services for construction of 981 primary and middle schools.

Design & Management Services (complete technical survey, architectural and structural design, bid document preparation, tendering, evaluation, contract award and construction supervision/management) for construction of 146 primary and middle schools in Peshawar division including the districts of Peshawar Charsadda, Nowshera, construction Management consultancy services for construction of 835 primary and middle schools in Peshawar division including the districts of Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera.

The works involved provision of infrastructure services including water supply and sanitation works, power/ electricity supply and internal development works.


Start Date (month/year):                                 Completion Date (month/year):

January, 1996                                                   April 1999

May 1999                                                          June 2002



Consultancy services for construction management comprising of:

  • Technical survey of sites, Planning and Design, Construction Document, Bids Evaluation and award documents in 3 districts of Peshawar Division

  • Preparation of implementation plan & its monitoring

  • Coordination with the education department & local communications for identification of appropriate sites, quality control and requirements of facilities

  • Construction supervision for progress and quality assurance, preparing contractors’ invoices and disbursement of payment cheques received from the client

  • Preparation of progress reports & completion reports

Project Management of Construction Management Consulting through

  • Home office cell at Karachi

  • Fully equipped project office at Divisional Head Quarter under the Project Managers

  • Field offices in various districts with field engineers under Chief Resident Engineers/Sr. Engineers