Balochistan Primary Education Programme

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Province of Balochistan
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Project Description

The project was initially funded by USAID and then continued through IDA (World Bank).

Phase I started in January 1992 up to December 1995. During this period the project comprised of 3273 construction sites of different categories listed below all over Balochistan province.

  • 1204 Schools where Additional Class Room were constructed

  • 720 Site of 2-room primary schools with Toilet facilities and Boundary wall

  • 492 Sites of Multi grade teaching schools with Toilet facilities and Boundary wall

  • 56 5-room up-gradation of Middle schools

  • 801 Sites of repair and rehabilitation of existing schools

Phase II has been started in January 1996 in 3 divisions of Balochistan and the contract is continuing (contract period January, 1996 to June 1998). Under Phase II, 637 sites of the above mentioned categories are taken up during the year 1996.

  • To produce a project completion report (PCR) for the client donor agency


              Start Date (month/year):                               Completion Date (month/year):

Phase I: January, 1992                                                 December, 1995


Phase II: January, 1996                                                 June, 1998



Consultancy Services comprise designs of school buildings, construction documents, evaluation of bids, award documents, construction supervision through site visits at all critical stages of construction to monitor progress and quality assurance and certification of the contractor invoices.

The project management of consultancy is provided through.

  • Home office cell at Karachi

  • Fully equipped project office in Quetta under the Project Manager

  • Field offices at various locations with field engineers under Chief Construction Engineer

  • Prepared &submitted PCR to the Government of Balochistan