Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Services for Districts That Works (DTW) Projects, Islamabad

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Mansehra, Sailkot, Khanewal and Sukkur
Start Date:
September 2008
Completion Date:
July 2009

Project Description

ECIL has provided engineering design and construction supervision services to assist in designing civil works projects to be supported by the Urban Institute's DTW through the District Support Fund and to supervise the implementation of the projects.

ECIL has undertaken the design services simultaneously in all four districts and all TMAs. ECIL has provided design and construction services in accordance with the Mobilization Plan and Time Frame.



Part 1 - Design Services:

  • Data collection and investigation

  • Develop and prepare Architectural Plans for each proposal and discuss the project (DTW) and all the concerned recipients for District / TMA

  • Prepare for each proposal, Detailed Structural / Engineering Design for proposed Infrastructure

  • Prepare detailed drawings for each proposal

  • Prepare detailed specifications and cost estimates for each proposal

  • Prepare a consolidated Design Report

Part 2 - Construction Supervision Services:

  • Monitor the work and provide Support to Supervision Engineers

  • Supervise Construction Activities

  • Quality and Quantity Assurance

  • Monthly Progress Reports

  • Facilitate Contractors and Verify Contractor Claims

  • Close Out