Sindh Primary Education Development Programme

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Province of Sindh
Start Date:
April 1996
Completion Date:
January 1998

Project Description

The project is spread over the entire province of Sindh and funded by IDA (World Bank). Initially under the contract consultants were to take up 3000 sites for top supervision, review the existing design and documents and suggest modifications. During the construction phase, consultants are to make at least 4 visits to each site at critical stages of construction to monitor quality assurance. The consultant is also required to prepare monitoring and supervision formats for use of DEEW field staff. At the end of the assignment consultants are to prepare project synopsis highlighting the performance of the project. (The contract period is 22 months). Later the scope was changed as under.

  • Integrated rehabilitation of about 3000 schools, comprising of repairs of schools, addition of lacking facilities of Water Supply, Toilets and Boundary wall; and Construction of additional classrooms. Consultants are to visit on these sites to vet the requirement and cost estimates prepared by DEEW staff and to visit twice during execution, to verify the works carried out and quality assurance.

  • To undertake top supervision activities as above for approximately 500 school sites.

  • To produce a project completion report (PCR) for the client donor agency.



Consultancy services comprise of top supervision of construction being carried out through the Directorate of Education, Engineering Works (DEEW) of the Department of Education.

The project management of consultancy is provided through.

  • Home office cell at Karachi

  • Fully equipped project office in Hyderabad under the Project Manager

  • Field offices at various locations with field engineers under Chief Resident Engineer at Hyderabad

  • Prepared & submitted PCR to the Government of Sindh.