Balochistan Groundwater & Trickle Irrigation Project

Name of associated firm :
Wakuti K.E. Gall K.G.
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
December 1990
Completion Date:
June 1995

Project Description

The Project consists of two subprojects:

  • Groundwater Subproject (approx. 85 tube wells each about 160 m deep) including surface irrigation of 2300 ha.

  • Trickle irrigation Subproject (approx 500 ha.)

The objectives of the project were to bring uncultivated land resources into the production and tap underutilized human resources by expanding the exploitation of groundwater resources through development of new tube wells and by increasing the irrigation area through micro-irrigation to increase crop production, to increase incomes of farmers and enhancing socioeconomic conditions.



Groundwater Subproject:

  • Hydrological investigations, including Geo-electrical survey, drilling and installation of tube wells, test pumping determination of aquifer characteristics, groundwater recharge and discharge, water quality tests.

  • Cadastral survey

  • Groundwater monitoring, including hydrological and hydro-metrical data concerning recharge-discharge

Trickle Irrigation Subproject:

  • Design, provision and installation of Micro-Irrigation Systems

  • Irrigation, drainage and water management

  • Nursery and Planning Materials

  • Extension, Adaptive Research and Training (10 on-farm demonstration units)

  • Monitoring and evaluation of farm activities

  • Construction Supervision of all the components of the scheme

  • Measurement of work done