Sehwan Barrage Complex Detailed Engineering Studies and Tender Documents

Name of associated firm :
ZCL - Lead, MMP, Review Consultant, Jaffri and Associate Indus, REC, EGC, DMC, & PES
Project Location within Country:
Sehwan, Sindh
Start Date:
January 2003
Completion Date:
December 2004

Project Description

The feasibility study of Sehwan Barrage Complex was conducted twice in the last four decades. The first consultants appointed were, Messers. Hunting Technical Services and Sir, M. MacDonald & Partner who completed their assignment and submitted report in the year 1969. The second up-dating was carried out by Messrs. NESPAK, NDC AND PACE and submitted their report in the year 1993. The construction of the barrage was linked to off- channel storage at Manchar Lake, besides the barrage would have adequate surface storage area in its head pond, to meet with the requirements and to provide sufficient irrigation water to the command area of South Rohri and South Nara canal in the Lower Indus region.

Because of delay in implementation of the Project by more than a decade from the last study, it was considered to update the feasibility studies and to confirm the parameters adopted for design. After detailed design, the necessary tender documents for inviting the bids are to be prepared under the services.



  • River training and the flood protection work

  • Mechanical design for barrage gates and all its associated works