Malir River Flood Protection Works Extension of River Flood Protection Bund up to Sea (Creek) and Drainage Inlets

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Project Description


  • To protect Korangi Industrial Area & Residential Areas on both sides of the Malir River, a flood protection Bund was constructed. Under this project Drainage Inlets have been provided at (8) Eight places to drain the storm water from the area behind the Bund during low floods/normal flow of the river and protection of areas on both sides of River by closing the gates of inlet structures during high flood in the river.

  • Drainage Inlets of 4'x6' size are placed under the Bund.

  • The original Bund was constructed up to 60+300 feet beyond Korangi Road. To protect Defence Housing Society and other colonies, Right Bund had to be extended up to creek. This extension has been carried out under this project. Salient features of Bund extension are: 
    - Length = 3865 Feet.
    - Cross Section = Base width 62'-0" 
                                 Top width   20'-0"
                                 High           Avg.16'-0"
    - Side slopes 6:1 River side is provided with stone pitching (864634 C.ft).

Hydraulic / Drainage Structure

(i) River Bridge = 3 Nos. 

(ii) Pedestrian Bridge = 1 No.

(iii) Existing Drain (R.C.C Structure) = 10 Kms.

(iv) R.C.C Culverts = 3 Nos.

  • The Drainage Inlet in the right Bund immediately before its end is a special structure of 18 Boxes. It is also subjected to regular tidal effect. This structure is supported on a Raft with stabilization of weaker silty soil. Curtain walls on both sides are made of 21.0 Feet deep interlocked casts in Situ Reinforced concrete piles. Project Description and Nature of Work Completes.



  • Detailed Design and Tender Documents

  • Detailed Construction Supervision