Improvement of Land Drainage System, Kingdom of Bahrain

Name of associated firm :
M/s. Al Zayani Profabril Engineering & Architectural Consultants
Project Location within Country:
Bahrain - Kingdom of Bahrain
Start Date:
December 2001
Completion Date:
May 2002

Project Description

The existing land drainage system comprises of surface drains with thick weed growth and unstable due to coasted soil predominantly silty sand with non cohesive texture. The water table is high which has caused water logging. To improve the system, underground drainage network connected to the pumping stations and final disposal to the sea has been proposed.



  • A survey of the existing land drainage network

  • Study of the previous reports on the drainage issues of the area

  • The design of the underground drainage network with an establishing number of pumps required for the disposal of the drainage effluent to the deep sea

  • Preparing of detailed drawings, specifications, bill of quantities and cost estimates