Detailed design and construction supervision of Hill Torrents / Nallah Crossing (Medium Structure) 1. Nai Sann Crossing @ RD. 196.5 2. Nai Karo Wah Crossing @ RD. 269.0

Name of associated firm :
National Development Consultants, Engineering Associates
Project Location within Country:
District, Dadu, Sindh
Start Date:
December 2003
Completion Date:
March 2005

Project Description

The proposed RBOD is the extension of RBOD system existing on the right bank upstream of Sehwan and being collected as MNVD, which is out flowing into Manchar. The salinity of the drainage water has contaminated Hamal Lake and Manchar Lake. In order to maintain the salinity control, the drainage effluent being collected in MNVD is to be disposed off into the sea rather than contaminating Mancher Lake or river Indus downstream Sukkur Barrage.

RBOD, along its route will be required to cross a number of major and minor irrigation canals, flatbed and hill torrent natural nallahs, major bridges and major national highway grid arteries and secondary roads.

The medium structures in Reach-I comprising of two (2) Hill Torrents/Nallah Crossings have been entrusted to the Consortium comprising of M/s. ECIL, EA and NDC. The Consultancy Services include the detailed design, drawings, contract documents and construction supervision of:

  1. Nai Sann Crossing at RD 196.6  

  2. Nai Karo Wah Crossing at RD 269



Design Phase

  • Surveys and Investigation

  • Preliminary and detailed design and drawings

  • Tender documents, BOQ, Specification and Engineer's Estimate

  • Construction supervision manual

Construction Supervision Phase

  • Detailed construction supervision of the project