Pat Feeder Canal Rehabilitation and Improvement Project

Name of associated firm :
M/s Halcrow-Ulg Ltd. (U.K.), Zaheeruddin Consultant
Project Location within Country:
District Nasirabad, Balochistan
Start Date:
April 1988
Completion Date:
November 1999

Project Description

The Pat Feeder irrigation system is a part of the Guddu Barrage Command. It commands 185,500 ha area. The Project is designed to increase agricultural productivity in the Project area through provision of improved irrigation & drainage facilities and other agriculture inputs flood protection of the canal system from hill torrents water and Bolan River and other Nallahs following on the right side of the Canal. The Project Comprises of the following components.

A. Flood Control

Raising of sections of the right embankment of the Pat Feeder Canal to four meters above ground level over a total length of about 65 km

Flattering of the outer side slope of the Pat Feeder canal right embankment along an 80 km long & provision of bank protection

Construction of a flood channel through ridges along the pathway of flood travel

Construction of nine flood inlet structures on the Pat Feeder Canal right bank

The raising of the right bank of Magsi distributaries over a length of about 23 km

Construction of a Western Flood Protection Bund at the western boundary of the project area for a length of about 16 km


B. Irrigation Facilities

Remodeling of the 183 km long Pat Feeder Canal to provide a capacity of 190 cumecs at RD 109

Rehabilitation of the seven existing cross regulators and construction of 83 constant head orifice direct off-take structures

Remodeling of 300 km of distributary canals and modification or replacement of cross regulators and head regulators on each distributary canal as required

Construction of a network of 166 minor canals totaling about 620 km in length


C. Drainage Facilities

Construction of the 30 km long Carrier Drain 2 and the 40 km long Outfall Drain

Remodeling 39 km of the Hairdin Carrier Drain and relocation of about 5 km of the Hairdin Carrier Drain

Rehabilitation of the Hairdin Pumping Station to a discharge capacity of 9.2 m3/s

Construction of a new pumping station at Mamal Dhoro with a discharge capacity of 1 m3/s

Construction of a surface drainage network consisting of 320 km of main drains & 900 km of minor drains to cover about 180,0000 ha. of land



  • Planning

  • Detailed design

  • Construction supervision

  • Contract management