Kotri Barrage Rehabilitation Project Gate Replacement and Rehabilitation of Headworks Components (Phase II and III)

Name of associated firm :
WSP International (incorporating Coode Blizard Ltd.) UK
Project Location within Country:
Jamshoro, Sindh
Start Date:
November 1992
Completion Date:
January 2000

Project Description

Phase-II comprised of replacement of Barrage Gates and rehabilitation of Head Regulators' Gates. In addition, sub-regulator & roadway deck have been replaced and improved off-take conditions for the Kalri Baghar Circle Canal and improved overall water management of the left bank canal system. Whereas Phase-III involves remedial works to allow the removal of the head limitation across the barrage and to increase design differential head to 32 feet.



  • Soil investigation

  • Economic Study & Feasibility

  • Planning & Design

  • Structural Design & Engineering

  • Specification & Tender Document

  • Construction Supervision

  • Contract Management

  • Training