Karachi Water and Sewerage Project – Sewerage Component

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Balfours, U.K
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Project Description

Engineering Design of different sewerage components of Karachi Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Main components and work to be carried out are:

  • Cleaning of 3500 KM of existing sewers of diameter ranging from 150 MM to 1830 MM

  • Rehabilitation of 11.5 MGD Chakiwara and 21 MGD Barness street pumping stations

  • Laying and rehabilitation of 180 KM sewers of 200 MM to 675 MM diameter

  • Laying and rehabilitation of 32 KM of trunk sewer of 375 MM and 2100 MM dia. and Lyari interceptor sewer of 3.5 M dia.

  • Construction of Salt Bed Treatment Plant of 38 MGD, Korangi Treatment Plant of 48 MGD and Baldia Treatment Plant of 5 MGD capacity located in North Karachi

  • Construction Supervision