Sewerage & Water Supply System for Pansi Fisheries Harbour (Design and Construction Supervision Phase

Name of associated firm :
PRC Engineering Inc. (UK)
Project Location within Country:
Pasni (Balochistan)
Start Date:
Completion Date:

Project Description

Feasibility Study, Design, Working Drawings and Tender Documents for Sewerage, Drainage & Water Supply System, for Fisheries Harbour & Residential Area including construction supervision for:

  • Tube well, including Subsoil investigation

  • 12 km of Transmission

  • Reservoirs, overhead and underground Water Tanks

  • Water distribution and sewerage network

  • Pumping Station



Services provided for Pasni Fisheries Harbour were:

  • Feasibility Study of the harbour area

  • Detailed survey of the project area

  • Design of water supply and sewerage network

  • Design of water storage reservoirs, underground and overhead tanks

  • Design of pumping stations

  • Prepared complete drawings of the overall project

  • Prepared Tender Documents and Specifications

  • Conduct construction supervision of the whole project