Sewerage, Water Supply & Drainage System for PECHS & KCHS, Karachi

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Project Description

PECHS & KCHS are the oldest localities in Karachi city. The old system is replaced by new water supply & sewerage network. The work includes:

  • Water Mains from 6" to 48" diameter

  • Sewerage system from 8" to 48" diameter

  • Mains & subsidiary drains for a capacity of 120 cusecs



A survey of the project area was carried out and locations were identified where the conditions were worse. The design work was carried out for water supply, sewerage & drainage work. The water mains of size 6" to 48" diameter were laid down at different locations. Sewerage pipes of diameter 8" to 48" were used. Similarly the drainage system was also designed to overcome the difficulties of the area. Drawings, specifications and tender documents were prepared for the project.