Sindh Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project

Name of associated firm :
Mott Macdonal International Ltd., UK.
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
May 1993
Completion Date:
February 1997

Project Description

This project forms part of a 9 year investment programme comprising of rehabilitation of existing and construction of new water supply and sanitation.

The objectives of this project are as follows:

  • To improve the health and productivity of the population, thereby reducing poverty and deprivation of the project areas and to this end

  • To increase the coverage and service levels of water supply and sanitation facilities in those areas

  • To strengthen the implementation and coordination capacity of the institutions involved in the rural water supply and sanitation sectors

  • To assist in the implementation of a sustainable and financially viable policy under which the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of rural water supply and sanitation facilities would pass from the government agencies to the communities benefiting from such facilities.

In order to achieve these objectives the project may be said to consist of two parts.

The first part comprises of institutional building of PLTED which include the following elements.

  • Establishment of training co-ordination and planning, monitoring and evaluation units and a hydrological cell

  • Strengthening of capability to design and supervise construction of project by PLTED

  • Strengthening the management and financial capability of PLTED

The second part of the project is an infrastructure development, including the following elements:

  • Mechanized Water Supply Schemes (New) - 300 Nos.

  • Mechanized Drainage Schemes (New) - 100 Nos.

  • Rehabilitation of existing Water & Drainage Schemes - 480 Nos.

The level of the services provided by the Mechanized Water Supply and Drainage Schemes are as below:

  1. Mechanized Water Supply (Surface Water)
    - Intake work comprising either the feeding channel from the source to the settlement tank or a pump well at the source, pump house, including mechanical & electrical work and transmission mains to settlement tanks.
    - Settlement tank based on 21 days storage
    - Chlorine tank for the treatment of settled water
    - Treated water pump house, including mechanical and electrical work
    - Distribution Mains
    - House connection or low service reservoir or combination of both

  2. Mechanized Water Supply Schemes (Ground Water)
    - Tube wells
    - Pump house, including mechanical and electrical work
    - Hypo-chlorinator for treatment
    - Distribution Mains
    - House connection or low service reservoir or combination of both

  3. Mechanical Drainage Schemes.
    - Open drains and pipe sewers
    - Screening Chamber
    - Sullage Collecting Tanks
    - Pump House including Mechanical and Electrical Works
    - Oxidation Ponds
    - Effluent Disposal System



  • Field Investigation & Survey

  • Feasibility Study

  • Preliminary Design

  • Detailed Design

  • Engineer's Estimate

  • Construction Top Supervision