Second Karachi Water & Sanitation Project (K-2) for KW&SB (Design & Construction Supervision)

Name of associated firm :
Balfours U.K.
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
February 1989
Completion Date:
March 1997

Project Description

The project comprised of three components:

  • Baldia Trunk & Secondary Sewers ranging from diameter 200 mm to 1500 mm. Pipe-work of over 300 mm diameter with PVC lined to prevent internal corrosion (of total length approx. 37 km).

  • Lyari Trunk Sewer of RCC box culvert sizing of 2m x 2m, 11 km in length passing through the right bank of Lyari  River from Sir Shah Sulaiman Road to Mauripur Sewage Treatment Plant.

  • 54 mgd capacity sewage treatment plant based on waste stabilization pond lagoon system at Mauripur, Karachi.



The Trunk Sewers were designed to carry all the wastewater from the city to the treatment plant. Lyari Trunk Sewer runs on the bank of Lyari River to Mauripur Sewerage Treatment Plant.

Mauripur Sewage Treatment Plant was designed to treat all the wastewater carried out by these Trunk Sewers and then use this treated water for irrigation purpose also.

ECIL carried out design & construction supervision of the above work which includes:

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Soil Surveys

  • Hydraulic & Process Design

  • Detailed Design & Drawings

  • Tender Documents & Cost Estimation