Preparation of Master Plan for Uprating Water Supply System for Karachi

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Project Description

Rehabilitation of Water Supply Trunk Mains, Meter Repairs Facilities & Pilot Domestic Metering.

Feasibility Study, investigations and Feasibility Report, Working Drawings, Specifications and Tender Documents including:

  • Detailed sub-soil investigation

  • Checking condition of mortar coating of pipes

  • Investigations for the cause of burst and leaks

  • Proposals and specifications for use of improved type of pipes

  • Detailed instructions for laying and jointing of pre-stressed concrete pipes

  • Manuals for meter testing and repairs and leak detection



Prepared a Master Plan for upgrading water supply system in Karachi. It was actually a plan to develop an advanced system for present and future needs of the city. So feasibility study, investigation report, working drawings, specifications and tender documents were prepared. The work includes:

  • Survey of the project area

  • Sub soil investigation

  • Burst and leak investigations

  • Pipe selection according to specifications

  • Specifications & Manuals for Meter repairs and for new meters