ADB-Second Highways Project Feasibility (2800 km), Screening of priority Highway (4000 km), Detailed Engineering (745 km)

Name of associated firm :
Pacific Consultants International Italconsult SPA Progressive Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd
Project Location within Country:
Provinces of Pakistan, Balochistan, Sindh, NWFP & Punjab
Start Date:
February 1996
Completion Date:
January 19897

Project Description

Provincial Highways in Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh & NWFP needed improvement & rehabilitation. For this purpose ADB provided finance. NHA through Consultants carried out screening of priority Highways (4000 km), feasibility study of screened roads (2800 km) and detailed design of selected Highways (745 km) in Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh & NWFP. These roads are generally 2-lane facilities having 7.30 meter wide asphaltic pavement and treated shoulders on either side.



The Consulting Services were divided into 3 Stages:

  1. Reconnaissance/Condition Survey (4000 km)
    Undertook visual condition survey of 4000 km provincial highways in all the 4 provinces of Pakistan and prepared road & structure inventory. Based on the condition survey and economic priorities, all 4000 km highways were screened and around 2000 kms of highways were selected for undertaking detailed feasibility study.

  2. Feasibility Study (2800 km)

  3. Detailed Design (745 km)

ECIL undertook following tasks for the above work at (2) & (3)

i. Detailed road pavement condition survey and carried out NDT by using FWD. Pavement evaluation made by computer analysis of FWD data

ii. A detailed condition survey of bridges carried out NDT using electronic equipment. Structures evaluation made by computer analysis of NDT data

iii. Engineering survey consisting of traverse survey, topographic survey, and cross section levelling

iv. Traffic & axle load survey and traffic forecast.

Detailed traffic studies were planned on the project road sections to estimate the volume of traffic and the trip-marking pattern.  Following traffic surveys were undertaken:

- Mid block classified Volume counts by vehicle category

- Origin and destination surveys

- Journey Time / Speed surveys

- Axle load studies

On the basis of the above studies and analysis of survey data the traffic estimates for each section of the project road were prepared.  The base year traffic estimates were projected to the design year by using appropriate traffic growth rates.  The projected traffic was also used to develop the level of service estimates and the Equivalent Standard Axle repetitions during the project design life.

v. Assessment of loads - pavement interaction and study of its damaging effects and on pavement and suggestion of remedial measure

vi. Preparation of specification for weigh bridges

vii. Road roughness survey and benkelman beam deflection study

viii. Hydrological investigations & study Soil investigations

ix. Geotechnical & material investigations

x. Prepared preliminary design & preliminary cost estimates

xi. Prepared economic feasibility which includes the derivation of Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and ratio of project cost to the first year benefits of the project to demonstrate the economic and technical feasibility, including testing the results on HDM model

xii. Feasibility Report, Detailed engineering design of pavement including bridges & structures

xiii. Tender documents & cost estimates.


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