Design and Project Management of Rehabilitation and Widening of BD Shah - Gurguri Road Project

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
May 2005
Completion Date:
November 2005

Project Description


In accordance with scope of work, 40 km long B.D. Shah - Gurguri road was to be rehabilitated and widened to 5.5m width.  The repair/ strengthening / winding of existing 3 bridges, 14 causeways and 63 culverts, Additional structures to be provided where ever required.

Project Management

Construction supervision and project management during construction phase



  • Topographic survey, including GPS, Traverse and control levelling

  • Soil Investigation and Testing

  • Condition survey of existing structures

  • Hydrology

  • Traffic Survey and studies

  • Pavement Design

  • Horizontal Alignment and Vertical profile design

  • Design of Structures (Culverts, Causeways, Bridges, Retaining wall etc.)

  • Preparation of conditions of contract, Project specification, tender drawings 

  • Preparation of BOQ and Engineer's Estimate

  • Bid Evaluation

  • Preparation of Construction Drawings

  • Design coordination / Support during the construction phase


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