Traffic Studies/Surveys in Karachi City

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
December 2004
Completion Date:
December 2007

Project Description

The Traffic Bureau of City District Government Karachi intends to collect and update the traffic data of the city for its future city transportation planning and management. The project involves hiring of the consultant and entrusting them the task of data collection, preparation of inventories, traffic survey and data collection, data evaluation and analysis etc.

The TCD – CDGK intends to have detailed traffic studies of different nature, at almost all the important locations in the city. It involves a large amount of traffic data collection in the field, especially in case of turning movement counts, mid block counts, cordon counts etc.

The project may also require other related complimentary surveys, including the topo survey and investigation. The Consultant shall prepare the PC-I and on approval, shall suggest and design improvement works. 



Traffic and Transportation Surveys throughout the city encompassing over 325 major intersections. The survey work includes:

  • Physical Surveys

  • Traffic Surveys

  • Turning Movements Counts

  • Mid Block Counts

  • CBD Cordon Counts

  • Traffic Counts at Special Generation Points

  • Parking Surveys

  • Public Transport Surveys

  • Goods Transport Surveys

  • Origin & Destination Surveys

  • Accident Studies

  • Pedestrian Surveys

  • Intersection Delay Studies

  • Inventories

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Traffic Survey and Evaluation

  • PC-I Form

  • Other Related/Complimentary Surveys

In addition to the above mentioned surveys, the consultants will also require additional data and information for the purpose of data analysis and formulation of strategies for improvement. These additional surveys will be carried out by the Consultants staff and would comprise of:

  • Signal Timings Survey

  • Intersection Details (Geometry, etc.)

  • Survey of other entry and exit points for each cordon for CBD surveys

  • Survey of parking areas in a cordon such as on street and off street parking

  • Survey and collection of data at charged parking zones within a cordon

  • Collection of other related data for special generation points such as number of rooms in a hotel, number of members of a club, etc.

  • Segment studies to compliment Mid Block traffic counts and travel time and delay studies

  • Survey of adjoining roads in addition to the specified roads for parking survey analysis

  • Data of Public Transport such as routes, their start and end points, frequency, occupancy, timings, etc. need to be collected from bus terminals, etc. This data will be beneficial for analysis of the Public Transport Survey

  • Additional data will also be required regarding Goods Transport Survey for analysis purposes. This will include type of goods, interview of goods transporters timings, etc.

  • Survey of proposed sites for off-street parking lots

  • Speed Studies

  • Collection of data, such as data on vehicle registration, fuel consumption, growth factors, population, industrial production, etc.

  • Sample counts at the location of U-turns, mid block intersection road, openings near the intersections, etc.

  • Transit Journey Time Surveys

  • Traffic Conflict Surveys


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