Consultancy services for the study, evaluation, design and supervision of construction for emergency road maintenance and reinstatement works for Abu Dhabi Island and mainland

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Abu Dhabi Island and Mainland
Start Date:
May 2011
Completion Date:

Project Description

This project corresponds to the Emergency Road Maintenance and Reinstatement Works for Abu Dhabi Island, including neighbouring Islands and Mainland North and South. The scope of this project is comprised of but not limited to following:

Condition evaluation of road assets and identification of emergency maintenance requirements. Design and supervise required emergency maintenance and rehabilitation works. Coordinate with Utilities Departments and their appointed consultants and contractors for technical evaluation of proposed non disruptive road crossings and for reinstatement activities supervision and inspection to assure best quality of Work.



The scope of the project is to study, evaluate, plan, design and supervise the required emergency maintenance and rehabilitation works related to the existing road network, including all the structures such as bridges etc. It is also under the scope of services to coordinate with the Department's representative and Services Authorities including their designated Consultants/contractors to discuss the schedule requirements and project methodology and conduct required studies after obtaining approval from the Department.

In addition of above, following components are also under the obligations of ECIL:

  1. To take care of all emergency works as directed and instructed by DMA.

  2. To study, evaluate and design the remedies of all road related works, including pavement distresses such as, depressions, stresses, damages of asphalt including all associated civil works and miscellaneous works which poses hazards to the facilities.

  3. All kinds of remedial work required due to an accident within the road network and surrounding areas.

  4. All kinds of urgent and emergency work that will be requested by the Higher Authorities and Government Departments.

  5. Technical review of the submittals for proposed non-disruptive road crossing.


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