Mechili-Khurub & Marawah-Samalus Roads (135 KM)

Name of associated firm :
Consultants International Ltd.
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
May 1982
Completion Date:
October 1984

Project Description

The involvements of the firm on this Mechili-Khurub and Marawah-Samalus (135 km) road project include the following:

  • Field Survey/Reccy

  • Geotechnical Investigations

  • Road Design Special Areas: Water Logged/Agri: Farm, Deserts, Hilly

  • Alternate Materials for Cost Effects

  • Evaluation of Road Buildings Equipments

  • Assessment of used Equipment/Maintenance

  • Construction Management/Supervision

  • Training to Client's Personnel: Maintenance of Road

  • Quality Control on Materials/Construction

  • Design of Contractor Camp

  • Location/Siting of Project

  • Final Inspection/Tanning Over

  • Project Monitoring

  • Contractor's Bill/Extra Items


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