Lahore Urban Transport Project (LUTP)-Zone 5 Engineering for Roads and Street Maintenance and Social and Environmental Impact Assessment Study

Name of associated firm :
Muru Group International (MGI)
Project Location within Country:
Lahore - Pakistan
Start Date:
October 1999
Completion Date:
March 2000

Project Description

Based on World Bank (IBRD/IDA) requirements, Social and Environmental Assessment along with Engineering for Road and Street Maintenance Zone V, Lahore  was undertaken. This assessment  identified the rehabilitation strategies, Social and Environmental Impact of the proposed roads and street maintenance works. Based on the evaluation, mitigations were identified.



In order to evolve a suitable pavement management system and prepare rehabilitation strategies, inventory of roads and street pavement condition survey, investigation, drainage, utilities location etc. were studied.  Extent of required maintenance, and maintenance backlog reduction strategies were prepared / assessed.  In addition to this, design eligibility criteria for project selection and prioritization of road and streets were carried out.

Environmental and Social clearance were taken to conduct an assessment of Social and Environmental Impact (both positive and negative) caused by the proposed roads and street maintenance works in the zone-5, Lahore. Assessment of Social and Environmental Impact was carried out.


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