Multi-Sector Rehabilitation and Improvement Project in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (MSRIP)

Name of associated firm :
Associated Consultancy Center (Pvt.) Ltd - Anjum Asim Shahid and Rahman - Barqaab Consulting Services (Pvt.) Ltd
Project Location within Country:
Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)
Start Date:
March 2006
Completion Date:
December 2009

Project Description

In line with the PDP, the proposed project has been envisaged to make concerted efforts to rehabilitate and reconstruct essential physical and social infrastructure. The Project has been formulated on the basis of a package of specially urgent needs in water supply, roads, and power sectors, beside other sectors.

This will bridge the investment gap, created over the past 5 decades in the above sectors. Such investments together with the needed institutional strengthening of respective public agencies are expected to provide the basis for sustainable economic growth and help to reduce poverty in AJK.

The Project subject package comprises the following main components:

  1. Rehabilitation and Improvement of Water Supply Systems

  2. Rehabilitation of Roads and Bridges

  3. Improvement, Renovation, and Augmentation of Power Distribution Network

The Rehabilitation and Improvement of Water Supply System component includes: (i) rehabilitation and extension of existing water supply networks including rehabilitation of existing treatment plants in all the 7 DHQ and 4 THQ towns, (Authmuqam, Nakial, Kahuta and Sensa); (ii) strengthening and building capacity of PWD and PHED to organize and manage water supply in a cost effective manner.

The Rehabilitation of Roads and Bridges component covers rehabilitation and improvement of roads providing inter- and intra-district links and improving sub-regional connectivity with Pakistan and the other side of the LoC, construction of major bridges, jeepable suspension bridges, and suspension footbridges to provide access to remote areas. It includes (i) rehabilitation and improvement of approximately 200 km of primary road (11 sections), (ii) construction/replacement of 07 bridges with about 875 meters long on the primary roads, (iii) construction of about 1,050 meters jeepable suspension bridges on secondary/tertiary roads, (iv) construction of about 1,050 meters of suspension footbridges to improve connectivity of remotely located communities, and (iv) policy reforms and capacity building. 

The Rehabilitation and Improvement of Power Distribution Network component will help reduce system losses and improve reliability of the existing power distribution network through (i) rehabilitation and augmentation of about 739km of 11 kV lines; (ii) rehabilitation and augmentation of about 881km of 0.4kV lines; (iii) replacement and addition of 11kV/0.4kV transformers; and (iv) rehabilitation and augmentation of service connections including replacement of 2700 poles, , transformers 1225, 3 phase meters 1200 and 1 phase meters 100,000. The Project will also include procurement of necessary equipment and tools for adequate operation and maintenance of the power distribution network and consulting services.



The overall Consultancy Scope comprises the following:

  • Prioritization and Sub-Project Selection

  • Detailed Design

  • Procurement

  • Construction Supervision

  • Capacity Building / Financial Management for all the Components of Package B, viz-a-viz Water, Roads & Bridges and Power


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