Condition Survey of Existing Structures (CP-2)

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Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
January 1998
Completion Date:
June 1998

Project Description

A survey of the existing structure to be retained on Mianwali - Ghulaman road Section. Sites of the CP-2 road improvement scheme showed that the structures were showing signs of distress. It was therefore  decided by the Engineers that a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) programme be carried out to assess the adequacy of the existing structures to sustain the current traffic load and to identify any repair or rehabilitation work that may be required.

In order to perform the above tasks the Engineer asked the main contractor M/s. China International to engage M/s. Engineering Consultants International (ECIL) (Pvt.) Ltd.  as sub consultant /  Subcontractor to carry out, an NDT survey of existing structures to be retained on various Mianwali – Ghulaman Road Section.



The original tasks were split into three phases:

Phase 1 comprised of the visit of the Senior Bridge Engineer in January 1998, for inspection of existing structures, preparation of field investigation plans, coordination with the main contractor for making arrangement such as platforms for access to various structural elements of eight bridges.

Phase 2 the main work of NDT survey of the structures was conducted.  A team of ECIL specialist carried out these tasks with special NDT equipments for different structural elements of bridges. The team remained in the field in the month of June 1998.

Phase 3 involved the evaluation of NDT test results based upon the data collected from field  including visual inspection of structures.

This report presents the description of different equipments used for NDT survey, the photographs showing evidence of cracks and distress in different elements of structures, the summary of NDT test results and the recommendation for repair and rehabilitation of different structural elements.


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