M. A. Jinnah Road Improvement Study

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
February 2004
Completion Date:
June 2004

Project Description

Planning Engineering Design, Tendering and Construction Supervision of M.A.  Jinnah Road From Mazar-e-Quaid to Kemari. The Consultancy Services are envisaged to be carried out in two logical Phases.  Phase-I shall cover Survey and Investigations, Planning, Preliminary and Final Design.  Phase-II shall relate to complete Site supervision and quality assurance.  The Services to be carried out under the two Phases.



M.A. Jinnah Road corridor is one of the most important and busiest corridors in terms of passenger and vehicle movements.  In order to assess the volume and composition of traffic on this important road, the following traffic studies have been undertaken.

  • Mid block traffic counts by vehicle category

  • Turning movement traffic counts at intersections

  • Speed surveys

  • Bus occupancy surveys

On the basis of above traffic data, estimates of traffic for various sections of the project road have been prepared and projected for the design period.  In addition, traffic circulation plan within the Central Business District (CBD) was also developed.  The projected traffic estimates and capacities provided the basis for the preparation of improved traffic circulation plans within the CBD area.


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