Agricultural Road (102 km)

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Elgatrun, Elbakhi, Elmadrusa, Eltejari.
Start Date:
January 1982
Completion Date:
January 1983

Project Description

Agricultural Roads 102 km including bridges/culverts Designed as a network of Farm to Market Roads connecting areas of Elgatrun, Elmadrusa and Eltejar. The project was carried out by ECIL as Principal consultants (in a consortium of firms, namely Consultants International Ltd. The involvements of the firm included the following:

  • Field Survey/Reccy

  • Geotechnical Investigation, Hydrological Studies/Reports

  • Traffic Studies

  • Preliminary Design

  • Final Design/Drawings

  • Design Reports

  • Material Reports/Testing

  • Road Design Special Areas: Deserts, Hilly

  • Alternate Materials for Cost Effects

  • Assessment of used Equipment/Maintenance


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