Indus Highway Ghauspur-Shori Nullah Section (76 km): Contract-6

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Sindh & Punjab Ghauspur Shori Nullah with Consultant office at Kashmore
Start Date:
January 1993
Completion Date:
July 1997

Project Description

The project starts at Ghauspur and terminates at Shori Nullah. The cumulative executed length of the project is 76 kilometres. It is a section of the Indus Highway Project (N-55).

The work was awarded by NHA on 23rd April 1992. An order to commence was received by the selected contractor M/s. Saita Gumi Co Ltd., and the date of commencement of the project was 22nd January, 1993 for allowable duration of 915 calendar days. The project was originally scheduled for completion on 15th July, 1995, however, was extended for completion on July 31, 1997.

On completion, the physical features of carriageway comprise of AC pavement of effective width of 7.3 meters with 3.0 meters wide strengthened shoulders (DBST) on both sides. It has 3 bypasses, 6 pre stressed concrete bridges and 100 box culverts and pipe culverts.

The pavement thicknesses are:

Aggregate Base                    25 cm

Asphaltic Base                      10 cm

Asphaltic Wearing Course      5 cm

The horizontal geometry of the existing carriageway has been improved wherever feasible  under the TOR whereas the vertical profile generally follows that of the existing carriageway with slight improvements within the construction of overlay parameters. Some traffic safety gear/information devices were provided on the completed carriageway comprising of traffic signs, gantry, road marking (partially) and kilometre posts.


Completion Date (month/year):

July 1995 Original

July 1997 Revised



  • Detailed construction supervision of (76 km) of Ghouspur - Shori Nullah section

  • Quality assurance

  • Horizontal & vertical profile control

  • Complete site supervision of all earth works, sub-base, drainage & filter layers, aggregate base, asphaltic base & wearing courses

  • Supervision of all structures

  • Contract management

  • Checking & verification of measurement


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