Feasibility Study of the Karaganda - Astana (Akmola) Road Project (223 km)

Name of associated firm :
Joint Stock Company "Kazdorproject", Almaty, Kazakhstan
Project Location within Country:
Karaganda to Astana
Start Date:
July 1998
Completion Date:
November 1998

Project Description

Ministry of Transport & Communications (MOTC) undertook the project for road improvement that was funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). It is part of the major road link between new Capital, Astana in the north and commercial city of Almaty in the Southeast. It begins at the southern outskirt of the industrial city, Karaganda and ends at the southern outskirt of Astana. It is an existing 2 and 4-lane facility with AC pavement and treated shoulders on either side. It is 223 km long road section. It needed rehabilitation and improvement. Project preparation has two phases, i.e., feasibility study; and detailed design / tender documentation. A feasibility study is complete, which analysed scenarios, including bypasses along Karaganda & Osakarovka, and an overpass at railway crossing near Vishnevka.



  1. Economic Feasibility Study

  2. Preliminary Design

ECIL undertook following tasks for the above work at (1) & (2)

- Road & structure condition survey

- Engineering survey consisting of traverse survey, topographic survey, and cross section levelling

- Traffic & axle load survey and traffic forecast. Detailed traffic studies were undertaken to prepare the estimates of traffic on the project road section. The following traffic surveys were carried out for this project:

  • Mid block classified traffic volume counts

  • Origin - destination surveys

  • Axle load studies at weigh bridges

Based on the above traffic survey data, estimates of existing traffic and traffic forecasts were prepared. The impact of traffic on the existing facility in the base year and target year was also estimated by computing the roadway capacities.  Axle load survey data were used to review the impact of vehicle loading on the pavement for various categories of trucks / truck trailers and commodity types.

- Road roughness survey

- Benkelman beam deflection study

- Hydrological investigations & study

- Soil Investigations

- Geotechnical & material investigations

- Prepared preliminary design & preliminary cost estimates

- Prepared economic feasibility which includes the derivation of Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and ratio of project cost to the first year benefits of the project to demonstrate the economic and technical feasibility, including testing the results on HDM model

- Feasibility report


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